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The Bowman Francis Ministry is comprised of two Society of Divine Word (SVD)
priests whose order has given them the charge to minister internationally to evangelize to African American young adults and youth to recharge their interest, commitment, and devotions within the international Roman Catholic diaspora.  As missionary priests they travel around the world preaching and teaching the Good News of Christ to a global world community.

Churches and communities benefit greatly from the Bowman Francis Ministry's level of theological education and spiritual enrichment programs designed for evangelizing and instructing parishioners with an appreciation for African culture.  Their worldly travel and exchange of ideas and programs internationally will give a wider range of creative program/event planning options to reach out and evangelize to young adults and their youth who are not attending church while still keeping within the norms of the Roman Catholic faith.

A young adult retreat program was started four years ago to recruit lay young adults in parishes to develop young adult ministries in their church.  Each year the young adults gather to recharge their faith so that they can return to their parish to minister to other young adults.  The Bowman Francis Ministry has other programs for revivals, retreats, study of Africans in the bible, relationship bridge building, Christ Kwanzaa, Father & Son parish programs, individual spiritual strength development, and group led spiritual development.

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Rev Chester Smith SVD
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Rev Charles Smith SVD
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